How We Do It


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We Design

We Build

We Complete


We scour all the fashion trends to find the latest and most beautiful fabrics and patterns. Once we find our pattern we make sure it exceeds our quality standards and create a test unit that must pass and exceed our strict requirements. We configure each of our samples to accent different decor’s and different styles. We send out each shoe bench once our samples are complete and have passed our quality control. We receive feedback on the following criteria:

  • Pattern
  • Material
  • Comfort
  • Utility
  • Overall

We only add the product to our catalog if we receive excellent feedback. Anything that falls short of excellence gets sent back to the drawing room and our team of talented designers incorporates the feedback into their next build.


We begin offering our partners and customers the shoe bench only once it passes its design phase. Once we receive an order we begin the production process. It consists of many factors and requires our fullest attention to detail. We produce each shoe bench right here in the USA. California, to be more specific. The first step is the woodwork. The best wood is selected and given to our talented craftsmen to build the frame, we do not spot check. Every frame is tested and must meet our quality requirements. From the frame we move onto padding, sewing and marrying the pattern to the completed frame. At the same time, our team is busy building the cover and attaching the easy lift hydraulic system. We provide the same quality assurance testing throughout the entire process. If during the process something fails to meet our standard, we discard it and build a new one. Once each part of our shoe bench is complete we send it over to finishing and upholstery. Our talented team then combines each piece from the frame, legs, cover, hydraulics and tufting.


Out fully custom built shoe storage bench then undergoes quality control testing. We comb over every part of the bench and make sure that it meets our high production standards. From there its on to the packaging department where they make sure that your new shoe bench is protected for its journey to your home. We order a label, order a pickup and then send it on its way to you.